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Precision Thumb Grips

- For a lighter touch -



Stock control sticks can be painful and give an insecure feeling during prolonged flight. This potentially leads to fatigue, slipping, and loss of control. Control is everything when precision flight is a must!




The Aerie design creates a nest to securely hold the thumbs and translate movements directly into the control stick. This frees index fingers for auxiliary controls. The Aerie thumb grips enable smoother tracking of moving subjects. Most transmitters feature spring back control sticks, meaning a slip can result in a momentary loss of control. The walls of the Aerie thumb grips cup the user’s thumb to prevent slipping and preserve smooth movement.


The textured high performance plastic provides ideal friction without digging into the operator’s thumbs. More comfort translates into less fatigue for long drone operating projects. The cup design allows decoupled user inputs, meaning the user does not need to press down to maintain grip while also pushing the control stick in the intended direction.


Aerie thumb grips are designed to be easily installed on any transmitter featuring a M3 x 0.5 threaded rod. This includes the DJI phantom & Inspire make and models. Simply unscrew existing stick ends and replace with the Aerie thumb grips. Use the existing backing nut to lock the control knob at the desired angle.

Testimonial/Product Review

“Aerie Knobs are a drone accessory that every commercial remote pilot needs.” 


—  Robert Burgee - Owner of Baltimore Aerials



The Aerie Team came together through a mutual passion for collaboration and innovation. The collaboration was made possible through the Richmond, VA local maker’s facebook page, RVAmakers. We set out to improve the professional drone control experience!


In addition to being avidly creative, Trey has been involved with drone aviation for over 5 years and holds a license to pilot fixed wing aircraft.  He has been flying and filming with drones professionally, through his company Force Aerial, for over three years.

Trip, an Industrial Designer, has been working as a yacht and product design consultant for over three years through his company, Ivey Design Group.

With a unique combination of skills, the Aerie team looks forward to bringing useful and thoughtfully designed products to the quickly growing drone industry.

“It has been a pleasure to bring the Aerie Control Knobs to life.  We hope they are able to bring you added peace of mind during your future flights. Happy Flying!”


- Trey & Trip